Combined experiments and simulations to understand MOF adsorbents and membranes

Zeeshan M., Gulbalkan H.C., Durak O., Haslak Z.P., Unal U., Keskin S., Uzun A. “An Integrated Computational–Experimental Hierarchical Approach for the Rational Design of an IL/UiO-66 Composite Offering Infinite CO2 Selectivity“ Advanced Functional Materials 32, 2204149 (2022).

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Habib N., Durak O., Uzun A. Keskin S. “Incorporation of a pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquid/MIL-101 (Cr) composite into Pebax sets a new benchmark for CO2/N2 selectivity” Separation Purification Technology 312, 123346 (2023).

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