Ionic liquid/MOF composites for CO2 Separation

Our collaborative work with Prof. Alper Uzun on experimental synthesis of various ionic liquid/MOF composites for CO2/CH4 and CO2/N2 separations has been published in six different articles. The work published in JACS was chosen as the front cover and mentioned in Chemical and Engineering News. Here is the link.

Polat H.M., Zeeshan M., Uzun A. and Keskin S. “Unlocking CO2 separation performance of ionic liquid/CuBTC composites: Combining experiments with molecular simulations” Chemical Engineering Journal 373, 1179-1189 (2019). Here is the link.

Kavak S., Polat H.M., Kulak H., Keskin S., Uzun A. “MIL-53(Al) as a Versatile Platform for Ionic Liquid/MOF Composites to Enhance CO2 Selectivity over CH4 and N2” Chemistry-An Asian Journal Invited Special Issue:Metal-Organic Frameworks and Their Applications 14, 3655-3667 (2019). Here is the link.

Kulak H., Polat H.M., Kavak S.,  Keskin S., Uzun A. “Improving CO2 separation performance of MIL-53(Al) by incorporating 1-n-butyl-3-methylimidazolium methyl sulfate” Energy Technology 7, 1900157 (2019). Here is the link.

Nozari V., Zeeshan M., Keskin S., Uzun A. “Effect of Methylation in Ionic Liquids on the Gas Separation Performance of Ionic Liquid/Metal-Organic Framework Composites” CrystEngComm 20, 7137-2143 (2018). Here is the link.

Zeeshan M., Keskin S., Uzun A. “Enhancing CO2/CH4 and CO2/N2 separation performances of ZIF-8 by post-synthetic modification with [BMIM][SCN]” Polyhedron 155, 485-492 (2018). Here is the link.

Zeeshan M., Nozari V., Yagci B., Isık T., Unal U., Ortalan V., Keskin S., and Uzun A. “A Core-Shell Type Ionic Liquid/Metal Organic Framework Composite: An Exceptionally High CO2/CH4 Selectivity”  Journal of American  Chemical Society 140 (32), 10113-10116 (2018). Here is the link.

jacs cover 15 august 2018 ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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